Wieluń, Tuczno and Łukowica will invest in circular economy


Three municipalities have received funding from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management to implement solutions in accordance with circular economy.

The agreement confirming the transfer of funds to Wieluń - over PLN 3.4 million in subsidies and the same amount of preferential loans - was signed at the end of January this year. Soon two other municipalities - Tuczno and Łukowica - will invest in a circular economy.

As a result of the implementation of the Wieluń project, the biological part of the municipal waste processing plant with a capacity of 23.6 thousand will be expanded. Mg / year. The planned ecological effect of the project has been defined as a reduction of the mass of waste deposited at the level of 3,000. Mg / year, and the mass of green waste and other bio-waste recycled is 2 thous. Mg / year.

The agreement with Wieluń initiated the signing of other agreements that are covered by the NFEPWM pilot program "Circular economy in the commune".

In the near future, under this program, further agreements are planned with the municipalities of Tuczno and Łukowica for a total grant amount of approx. PLN 12.2 million, including subsidies over PLN 6.2 million and loans - approx. PLN 5.6 million . The support will include, among others, undertakings in the field of thermomodernization of municipal buildings, modernization of sewage treatment plants and water treatment plants, waste segregation and environmental education, i.e. the main aspects of the circular economy.

The pilot nature of the program is to show the possibilities and potential of municipalities in the implementation of real and useful solutions stimulating the process of their transition to a more circular economy model.