We invite you to the conference "Zero-emission transport and communal services"


"Zero-emission transport and municipal services - economic aspects, development directions, opportunities and opportunities" is the subject of the conference accompanying the POLECO fair.

"Zero-emission transport and municipal services - economic aspects, development directions, possibilities and opportunities"

19/10/2022, MTP, four-pack, Aleja Lipowa, 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

During the conference, low-emission solutions in the municipal services sector will be discussed. The participants of the event will try to answer the question - in which cases will it be justified to use hydrogen powered vehicles, and in which with eclectic or CNG.

The organizers of the event want to start a discussion and exchange of experiences on the possibility of meeting the statutory requirements for zero-emission transport. The legislator planned the share of low-emission vehicles in the fleet used by local government units for at least 10%. The same level applies to entities that will perform tasks related to communal services at the request of the local government.

How to prepare for the new guidelines in the absence of financial programs (subsidies) for vehicles providing municipal services? Do we have any alternatives and solutions? Conference participants will try to answer these and many other questions.

Conference programme:

Session 1. Public services and decarbonisation of the fleet - directions of development

Session 2. Modern infrastructure as a condition for effective transport transformation - optimization and rational organization of transport.

Session 3. Legal and financial conditions. What obligations, financing and benefits.

Detailed information coming soon.

Admission to the conference for POLECO fair participants is free.

* The organizer reserves the right to change the program.

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