See the innovations that the exhibitors will present at POLECO


New products are invariably the biggest attraction for trade fair visitors. The products presented to the professional audience at the POLECO fair will certainly be appreciated.

Multi-season tool carrier Holder C 65/Karcher


- The Karcher company has been participating in the POLECO fair for many years. A lot has changed in the world of municipal solutions over this time. As a leader in the broadly understood cleaning industry, we have a wide range of products for modern municipalities, municipal companies and service companies operating in this sector. Our solutions effectively, ecologically and cost-effectively help to keep cities and communes clean, and thanks to effective dust reduction, they contribute to improving air quality. During this year's POLECO fair, we will present five of our most popular machines for municipal applications and one novelty - says Kajetan Nowak, Municipal Solutions Sales Manager, Karcher.

- MCM 600 is a 6 m3 street sweeper equipped with a mechanical-vacuum sweeping system. It enables dust-free operation even without the use of water. Another machine is the MC 250 - a sweeper in the 2m3 class, which impresses with its surface efficiency, while ensuring the highest comfort of use. The transport speed of 60 km/h allows you to quickly move between cleaned locations. The next device is the MC130 plus. With a comfortable two-person cab, all-wheel drive and a unique display, this articulated sweeper is also a multi-season implement carrier. We will also show our absolute bestseller - MIC 35. It is a machine for year-round use. It can handle sweeping all year round, mowing in the summer, spreading and snow removal in the winter. Equipped with a weed brush, scrub head or hedge trimmer, it is up to the task of keeping clean in a modern municipality. MTP's outdoor areas will be swept by - traditionally the smallest of our sweepers - indisputably the most maneuverable - MC 50.

At this year's edition of the fair, we will show the Holder C 65 multi-season tool carrier for the first time. Holder is one of the most recognizable brands among German producers of municipal solutions, recently operating under the common flag with Karcher!

We invite you to visit our stand at the POLECO fair - adds Kajetan Nowak, Municipal Solutions Sales Manager, Karcher.

Re-Absorbent Oil/ Polska Korporacja Recyklingu

The introduction of a 100% recycled sorbent (Re-Absorbent Oil) to the offer of the Polish Recycling Corporation brings many benefits to the company. - First of all, it enables us to diversify our offer by adding circular products from the Greenway Polimers line. The presentation of the recycled sorbent and plastic regranulates at the POLECO fair will allow us to stand out on the market and reach potential customers interested in solutions in the field of recycling and environmental protection.

It is also worth emphasizing that by presenting the raw materials that we obtain from waste electrical and electronic equipment, we show our responsibility and commitment to recycling and protecting the planet. Such activities are in line with the trends in the recycling industry, which focus on implementing the principles of sustainable development in business and reducing the impact on the climate.

The introduction of our solution is also associated with benefits for our company. By producing a recycled sorbent, we increase our profitability and reduce the costs associated with the purchase of raw materials. In addition, by developing our knowledge and know-how in the field of circular economy, we improve the competences of our employees and become a leader in the recycling industry.

By presenting our solution at the Poleco fair, we will promote our brand as a leader in the recycling industry. We will show how our sorbent and plastic regranulates can contribute to environmental protection (carbon footprint reduction) and sustainable development. We are convinced that our offer at the fair will gain a lot of attention of visitors and will contribute to increasing our business opportunities - notes Eliza Rokosz, Sales Manager, Sorbent and Absorbent Products Production Department, Polska Korporacja Recyclingu.

Hall 30 m wide / ARBENA

ARBENA solutions meet the needs of warehousing and storage of materials in the industrial, construction and agricultural sectors. The modular design combines a steel supporting frame and a multi-layer PVC membrane covering. All ARBENA products are statically tested and designed for year-round use. Thanks to the form of the arch, the hall is much better able to bear all loads. The streamlined form allows you to minimize the impact of gusts of wind, snow and water. In addition, the high-strength s420 steel used in the construction is used in elements that withstand high stresses. The 30-meter-wide hall is an ideal roof for production, storage of equipment and various types of products. The construction used in this model is based on a truss.


Hartmann/ Ti-Ma biofilter

The Hartmann filter is a flexible, modular biofilter system that can be adapted to the individual requirements and capabilities of each client!


significant reduction of dust and odors
significant reduction of VOCs from smoke exhaust
without chemical additives
lower investment and operating costs
significantly lower costs compared to catalysts and binders
no need for daily inspection
there is no downtime in production due to the fact that there is no need to clean the system
proven reliability after 10 years of testing.