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You are professionally involved in the climate and environmental protection industry, collect your free ticket to the POLECO International Environmental Protection Fair.

The POLECO fair is the most prestigious event for the climate protection industry, sustainable development and municipal economy. During the fair, initiatives of entrepreneurs, local government institutions and representatives of science are presented, presenting innovative solutions, technologies and modern products in the field of broadly understood ecology and sustainable development.

The thematic scope of POLECO includes, among others: waste and recycling, municipal technology, circular economy, renewable energy sources, water and sewage systems, smart cities, air and climate.

This year, the fair will be held on October 13-15 at the Poznań International Fair. Detailed information on the opening hours of the fair and tickets can be found HERE >>>

POLECO will be held in sanitary conditions developed on the basis of the work of specialists and the guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. Familiarize yourself with the safety standards in force at the Poznań International Fair.

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Joanna Sypniewska
Joanna Sypniewska