Reach for the MTP Golden Medal at POLECO!


The MTP Gold Medal is one of the most recognizable awards on the Polish market, awarded to innovative products of the highest quality.

Submit your participation in the POLECO 2021 Gold Medal competition!
The GOLD MEDAL is the most recognizable award in Poland, awarded for a high level of product innovation. The winners from each industry are selected by a prestigious group of experts. The competition awards innovation, creativity and modernity. Only those products and services that stand out on the market due to their quality, technological and functional values can apply for the Gold Medal.

The deadline for submitting applications for the POLECO 2021 Gold Medal competition is September 6!
Participation in the MTP Gold Medal competition brings tangible promotional benefits. It is not only an opportunity to emphasize the uniqueness, high quality and innovation of a product or service by placing the logo of the MTP Gold Medal in promotional materials. It is also a wide-ranging promotion that will be carried out by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie on your behalf!

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Agnieszka Polacka