Program "Mój prąd" with facilities for the industry


The regulation of cooperation rules and optimization of the application process in the "My Current" program are the effects of an agreement between the NFEPWM and five companies from the PV industry.

- We strive to ensure that applicants of the "My Current" program receive subsidies for solar farms even faster and more efficiently, hence the idea of ​​facilitation introduced for PV installers - explained the President of NFOŚiGW Piotr Woźny. - The signed agreement will improve the process of accepting and evaluating applications, which will benefit our beneficiaries.

In accordance with the established principles of cooperation, PV installers have the option of packet submitting to the NFEPWM - more than 20 - applications for financing for their clients at one time. In addition, before submitting, they will send applicants' data electronically, which will facilitate NFEPWM's job planning and payment of grants. This will also reduce formalities on the part of homeowners.

"My Current" is probably the largest financing program for photovoltaic micro installations in Europe for individuals. It is as much as PLN 1 billion for the development of home renewable energy sources (e.g. small solar power plant). The first recruitment under "My Current" is from August 30 this year, from October 21 this year. also online on

- In less than three months of program operation, we verified over 9,000 applications, of which we have qualified over 6,300 for funding. at PLN 32.7 million - emphasized Artur Michalski, Vice President of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, participating in the meeting.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management paid almost 5.5 thousand. subsidies for a total amount of PLN 25 million. In total, the power of supported installations is about 34 MW, and the obtained green energy is over 30 GWh / year, which allows CO2 reduction of 24.5 tons / year. The energy produced would cover about 12 thousand energy needs. standard households (according to CSO statistics) or would allow to fund over 100,000 electric kettles, or would allow about 2.5 million cell phones to be charged every day for a year. The emission reduction achieved is equivalent to the annual emission of over 20,000. passenger cars (with an annual mileage of 10,000 km).

- We see huge development potential and demand for solar farms in Poland, which is why we are working on continuing the program 'My Current' in the form of preferential loans for housing cooperatives. The energy they produce will cover the demand for common parts and thus allow you to become independent of price fluctuations on the energy market, which will ultimately affect the real reduction of bills for residents - summed up the head of the National Fund Piotr Woźny.

The document in the scope of facilitating the implementation of the program 'My Current' was signed by Piotr Woźny - the President of NFOŚiGW, and on the part of solar companies: Łukasz Górski - Vice President of the Management Board of Columbus Energy S.A., Marek Wietrzyński - Proxy of the Management Board of Soon Energy Poland Sp. z o.o., Piotr Kowalczewski - Proxy, Vice President of the Management Board of Stilo Energy S.A., Krzysztof Lichwiarz and Radosław Nowak - President and Vice President of the Management Board of Media Broker Group Sp. z o.o., Łukasz Fonfara - Co-owner of Klimczyk, Fonfara Sp. J.

NFOŚiGW plans to extend this formula to other interested companies from the photovoltaic industry.