POLECO including more offerings of Renewable Energy Sources


The versatile collection of solutions for environmental protection and sustainable development, which are presented during the POLECO trade fair, will be extended by the renewable energy sources offerings. GREENPOWER and POLECO will be held at the same time, 21-23 October 2020.

The POLECO International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection draws thousands of people interested in various aspects of climate protection, sustainable development and municipal management to Poznań. The GREENPOWER trade fair, on the other hand, brings together representatives of all sectors of renewable energy sources in one place and time. This year the events will be held simultaneously.

With a boost of energy

POLECO is featured with presentations of the latest programs and legal regulations, new system solutions, as well as discussions on the development of the industry. It is in Poznań that the representatives of business, politics and science discuss the most challenging problems of this sector. “The comprehensive offerings presented by exhibitors from Poland and abroad provide a review of the latest ecological trends and services, as well as technological novelties for companies related to the industry, but also for various branches of industry and companies taking environmental aspects into account in their operations,” explains Paulina Pietrzak, Director of POLECO. “The new feature of this year's edition of POLECO will be the B2B meeting zone, where direct meetings of contractors with representatives of manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of solutions for environmental protection will take place,” adds Pietrzak.

GREENPOWER provides a good opportunity to learn about market trends, exchange practical insights, find out what challenges and opportunities the sector of renewable energy sources faces. The exhibition features products, services and solutions for solar, wind, water, biomass, biofuels, electromobility and energy-saving technologies. “GREENPOWER is a platform for gaining knowledge about innovative technical and technological solutions related to renewable energy sources. It is also a meeting spot for experts and practitioners,” adds Marcin Gorynia, Director of GREENPOWER.

POLECO offers solutions for companies from various industries. Apart from a comprehensive range of products in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, municipal technology, water and sewage management, the exhibition features the latest solutions for the smart city. POLECO is also a place for people looking for equipment and systems for keeping urban spaces and municipalities clean.

Meeting dynamics

There is no doubt that POLECO and GREENPOWER are important meeting grounds for experts as they are accompanied by numerous conferences, trainings and debates. This year will also see a number of topics which are of great interest to the industry. The exhibition offerings will be complemented by specialist seminars, industry meetings as well as consultations and advice shared by experts at the stands.


Professional visitors

What clearly translates into new relations with investors is the business nature of the participants. The GREENPOWER trade fair is attended by investors, developers, installers and installation designers. The event now is a regular fixture in the calendar of representatives of local authorities, owners of hotels, resorts, hospitals, farms, as well as managers of public utility buildings.

The POLECO trade fair is the most important meeting spot for representatives of legislative institutions, local governments, representatives of business, science and education that are directly related to the environmental protection industry, municipal economy and sustainable development. The trade fair is visited by the representatives of enterprises operating in such fields as municipal management, waste management, energy, heating and water supply, as well as maintenance of urban greenery. The fair is attended by those interested in introducing energy-efficient and ecological solutions for managers: cooperatives, housing communities and public buildings.

Eco-Trends powered by POLECO

Eco-Trends, an environmental event bringing together representatives of the government, local governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), start-ups, large socially responsible brands, enthusiasts of sustainable development and all social groups, will be held simultaneously with POLECO and GREENPOWER. The aim of the event is to popularize pro-ecological attitudes in both business and everyday life.

POLECO International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection

GREENPOWER International Renewable Energy Fair

21-23 October 2020, MTP Poznań Expo