Gold Medal Winners – POL-ECO SYSTEM


This years’ edition 10 products from POL-ECO SYSTEM fair have been awarded.

The Gold Medal is not only an award, it is a recommendation of experts for the presented products and a promotion strategy, which starts at events organised by the MTP Group.


Gold Medal at POLECO SYSTEM 2019

1.     TRITON Aerodynamic Mounting System (T.WERK GmbH )

Advantages of Triton system:

·         Excellent ventilation ensuring the nominal efficiency of PV modules

·         Very fast installation

·         Aerodynamic system

·         The system is suitable to all types of flat roofs

·         Plug-and-Play solution

·         Option for routing cables

·         Installation without drilling and interfering into the roof structure

·         Pre-assembled structure

·         Optimized roof protection

·         Basic installation is made without tools

2.     MAXX E electric drum screen of ‘green efficiency®’ series produced by Komptech


MAXX E drum screen is designed for use in medium and large composting plants.  Its ‘E’ version uses electric motors instead of hydraulic motors. Power is supplied directly from the mains or, if necessary, from an integrated diesel generator. Using the electric drive results in reducing the energy consumption up to 75%, which translates into savings on spare parts and servicing, even up to 30%.

3.     Pronar HPBK-67HA Channel Baling Press


Pronar HPBK-67HA Channel Baling Press proves the commitment of Pronar in the process of recycling and waste management. It responds to the needs of the recirculation sector. The machine quickly copes with accumulated waste, which may be pressed into a compact cubes, reducing the volume of waste material up to 90 percent. Waste material prepared in this way is easy to transport and store for further processing. HPBK-67HA baling press baler is another step in Pronar’s offer of fixed recycling machines.

4.     CONTENUR C1100 H / C1100TC H municipal waste container

CONTENUR is a new, four-wheeled container of 1100 l volume, designed for the selective collection of municipal waste in accordance with current regulations. Depending on needs, it can be supplied with a flat or semi-convex lid. The container may be optionally provided with various inlet openings, opening pedals or locks, suitable for a given waste type. Polish factory of Contenur offers a range of additional services, including installation of RFID chips or marking the containers with numbers.

5.     KWT 651EP extension arm (Samasz)


KWT 651EP extension arm is a machine installed on the rear three-point hitch of a tractor. It can work with many operating heads such as: mowing heads, circular saws, milling machines for trunks, silt removers, roadside trimmers, trimming cutters etc. The main unique advantage of the machine is the forward tilting of the arm to align its position with the operator – ensuring better visibility and work comfort, while the electro-proportional control with a joystick makes the machine very intuitive in operation.

6. Matthiessen FR 2000 oversize film remover


Matthiessen film remover, installed downstream the bag splitter, removes large pieces of film and torn bags with an efficiency exceeding 80% (> DIN A2). The innovative retractable teeth of the rotor prevent tangling and winding of the film and resulting downtimes. The total electricity consumption of the device is only 11 kW, which translates into low operating costs. Matthiessen oversize film remover is a cost effective solution to remove impurities in the waste sorting processes, which increases the efficiency of the entire plant.

7.     Windshifter

Protechnika Windshifter is a proprietary solution of its creators, who put every effort to design and construct this efficient and economic machine. This windshifter is fully Polish construction, which is unique in terms of design, performance and reliability. The absolutely greatest advantage of the machine is its fast calibration for infeed material and its volume. Another significant advantage of Protechnika windshifter is its price. The machine is made in Poland and offered at lowest price on the market, maintaining the highest quality and technical parameters. As the producer, we offer the best price, not involving any agent between us and final user. We also offer factory servicing and immediate response to any reported issues and queries.

8.     Ecohog EH1500-SM1 Windshifter

EH1500-SM1 windshifter is an air separation unit that splits waste or organic material according to density.  Ecohog reaches up to 99% separation efficiency depending on the material. It has low energy consumption and low noise emission. It has a very low dust emission, as 90% of the air is recycled. It is compact and designed both to operate as independent unit or as a part of already existing line.

9.     T-Master Waste Separation System


The Waste Separation System is a revolutionary solution for waste management in Poland This is the first European system that enables selective assigning of the quantity and quality of waste to each user of the system. T-MASTER provides information on amounts and types of waste produced in each household before waste reaches the sorting plant. Conventional waste containers are installed in smart-looking housing and equipped with a weighing system and barcode reader that record the amount and type of waste generated in individual households in the estate. Residents, before disposing a bag with waste, use bar codes that are scanned to open the lid of the selected container. Tightly closed containers facilitate to maintain hygiene and order within the premises.

10.  Kärcher MC 250 street sweeper


Similarly to all municipal sweepers provided by Kärcher, the new MC 250 combines a compact design with high quality and efficient drive, which is friendly to the environment With a high operational speed, hydro-pneumatic suspension and quick access to all components relevant for cleaning and maintenance, MC 250 is always ready for efficient, economical and comfortable operation.


All the MTP Gold Medals are equivalent.