06-04-23 Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Grupa MTP.

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29-03-23 Call for applications under the Innovation for the Environment 2023 program is launched

The goal of the Innovations for the Environment program is to use innovative technologies in environmental protection that will contribute to the goals of the European Green Deal, including climate neutrality, green transformation of the economy and sustainable development.

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15-03-23 Poland pays PLN 1.7 billion in plastic tax annually. A deposit system could reduce that amount by 400 million zlotys

Poland pays PLN 1.7 billion in plastic tax annually. This amount is directly dependent on the amount of unrecycled plastic waste in a given year, and amounts to €0.80 per kilogram of plastic waste. We reuse only about 1/3 of plastic waste. That's why the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs (FPP) is calling...

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09-03-23 Żabka stores will have TOMRA packaging collection devices

More than 45 billion a year - that's how much recyclable packaging goes to TOMRA Collection recyclomats located in 60 countries around the world. Now this huge number will be joined by more cans and bottles in Poland - thanks to the bottle machines placed in Żabka stores. The Polish chain has launched...

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03-03-23 Celebrate March 3 with a view to preserving precious natural wealth

Biodiversity is essential for providing people with food, fresh water and clean air. It is of great importance to our health, including by limiting the spread of disease. It is irreplaceable in maintaining environmental balance and combating climate change. Today is March 3 - World Wildlife Day, established...

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