Laureates of the MTP Gold Medal at POLECO 2021


As many as 7 products were favored by the Competition Jury and won the MTP Gold Medal at POLECO 2021. They set new standards!

1.     HSM V-Press 860 TimeSave Vertical Baler

HSM GmbH + Co. KG/HSM Polska Sp. z o.o.


HSM V-Press 860 TimeSave baler, designed primarily for crushing cardboard boxes in large stores or wholesale outlets, is the answer to one of the biggest problems in our world − lack of time! The unique feature of this baler is the hydraulic tipper, which enables its automatic filling. Loading the material from the collection trolley takes only a few seconds. The pressing process is automatic and does not require supervision by the operating personnel.


2.     Terra Select S 60 Mobile Star Screen

Eggersmann GmbH / AGREX - ECO Sp. z o.o.


Terra Sellect S60 is the most advanced mobile machine for the screening of compost, biomass and wood waste. Designed specifically for users with demanding material, the machine combines low operational costs with high efficiency level. Built on a wheeled chassis, it has the necessary mobility. The machine precisely selects up to 3 waste fractions, even when the material is wet. It uses patented self-cleaning Duramax system.


3.      PRONAR MRW 2.75h Low-speed Mobile Shredder

PRONAR Sp. z o.o.


The low-speed mobile shredder PRONAR MRW 2.75h is the first Polish machine of this type to use an asynchronous gear. This allows both working shafts to rotate at different speeds and in different directions, which increases the efficiency and continuity of the grinding process. Among the easily replaceable shafts, there are also sets for the treatment of construction waste, municipal waste and steel elements. Compact dimensions, low weight and mounting the structure on the hooklift frame facilitate transport of the machine.


4.     RW 13-30 Bag Opener

PROTECHNIKA Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

An opening unit, a rotating shaft equipped with knives that lift bags upwards, and 5 independent counter-knife assemblies open bags swinging under the pressure of the material. The bag opener includes two electric 30 kW motors for the working head and 0.75 kW for the feeding belt with an external cooling system extending the life of the engines. The machine is equipped with emergency access. If overloaded, the scrapers will raise. Physical access to the feeder is through an electrically controlled hatch. Easy access for maintenance even to the components inside the device through the inspection covers.


5.      MEDIUM X4 Garbage Truck with 2301 high-level lifter on an electric chassis

           EKOCEL 2021 / EKOCEL Sp. z o. o.

New on the Polish market − MEDIUM X4 garbage truck! The MEDIUM X4 garbage truck with the DELTA 2301 high-level lifter is a modern product based on the latest technology and knowledge. This new model of a garbage truck with an electric drive means greater comfort of living, no noise and lower emission of pollutants in cities. Abdominal weight reduction, among other things thanks to the cylinders for lifting the abdominal part mounted on the roof, moving the centre of gravity towards the driver’s cabin. A new control terminal ZCS (ZOELLER CONTROL SYSTEM) was used in the bodywork.


6.      TEUTON Z50 − Single-shaft Mobile Pre-shredder

            Eggersmann GmbH / AGREX - ECO Sp. z o.o.


The TEUTON Z50 is used in virtually all areas in the mobile shredding sector. The wide range of applications for the new generation of Eggersmann TEUTON shredders is impressive and virtually endless. The TEUTON series machines are just as efficient in shredding recycled wood, roots, green waste or bulky household waste as well as tyres, plastics, mattresses or lots of special and homogeneous materials.


7.      VIAJET Sweeper with hydrogen drive

            FAUN Viatec GmbH / EKOCEL Sp. z o. o.


A novelty on the market − a sweeper with hydrogen drive, which means greater comfort of life and lower emission of pollutants. In addition to high efficiency, this technology provides a number of additional utility advantages. Economy combined with maximum care for the environment make the FAUN brand stand out from the competition. One example is the air recirculation system, fitted as standard on all models, which guarantees the lowest possible levels of dust and particulate emissions.